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It is no longer important how long you have been present on the market, but rather how well you will adjust to it in the next couple of years.

By combining SAP tools you can increase your business overview, make the right decisions and be a step ahead of your competition. Cost reduction, higher efficiency and business growth are all guaranteed.

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Document management systems

Focus completely on effective operations, not where to start it.

BusinessConnect™ is a modern, safe and user-oriented solution for supporting e-commerce, which you can easily link with your existing information environment. Carrying out business activities has never been easier.

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SAP ERP A solution even your competition will be envious of. Now affordable even for middle-sized companies!



“Because we wish to gain as much as possible from SAP, our department managers are very strict about the matter. Until now, they had always found competent...” mag. Drago Brence CEO, Livarna Titan d.o.o.

“The BusinessConnect solution is integrated with all other systems within our bank, which simplifies the work for our users because documents from other systems...” Tamara Trajkovski Director of Technology, SID banka d.d.

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