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Leaders in SAP solutions and paperless business

Who we are?

Avtenta in the main partner for managing and implementing SAP solutions and paperless business in Slovenia. We specialise in:

  • impleneting SAP ERP solutions 
  • implementing paperless business
  • ensuring professional support and help for more than 8,500 user of solutions (SLA)
  • information support for business processes with standardised batch solutions 
  • integration with various systems
  • e-invoice solutions
  • ensuring the long-term storage of e-documents (siHramba.eu)
  • carrying out migrations to the SAP HANA platform
  • the SuccesFactors solution for staff development and targeted management 

We are a specialised and renowned provider of information communication services for companies with 26 certified advisers. 

In the field of e-business solutions, Avtenta has successfully introduced document systems in various business environments with a total of more than 5.000 users using the BusinessConnect platform.

We provide our clients with all the necessary commercial infrastructure and quality consulting services in the IT area and document solutions, which is based on our experience, knowledge and good practices.

Avtenta is also a member of the Telekom Slovenije Group.


With SAP solutions and the implementation of paperless business, we wish to increase the competitiveness and quality of our clients’ operations. It is for this purpose that we have formed a leading SAP consultancy team in Slovenia.


To be the first provider managing and implementing SAP solutions and paperless business on the Slovenian market.

Our values

We are not afraid to take risks for the competitiveness and excellence of our services. We believe that business is made by people, therefore we take great joy, passion and commitment in every moment of our development opportunity.

We trust ourselves, our co-workers and our business partners.

We respect every client, we listen to their challenges and proactively offer them quality and professional consulting services.

Employees connect with each other and cooperate well. We listen to each other and value everyone’s opinion. We share our knowledge and experience with our co-workers because we are well aware that together we can overcome the toughest tasks and achieve our common goals, which lead to excellent results.

We have a team of professionals with experience, contextual and technical knowledge of the most advanced business environments.

Hard work, perseverance and engagement are shown in the quality of our services and the successful implementation of projects.

By searching for new solutions and knowing business trends, we strive for constant improvement.

We can thus offer a wide range of innovative solutions on the market, which others have noticed in the form of golden partnerships and recognised awards.

Company business card

Company name: Avtenta, napredne poslovne rešitve, d.o.o.
Address: Stegne 19, 1000 Ljubljana
Director: Matija Nendl
Tax ID No.: SI70624909
Registration No.: 5925975000
Telephone number: +386 1 5836 800

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Kaja Doničar Executive assistant in Business Support
T +386 1 5836 800 M +386 40 797 889 kaja.donicar@avtenta.si

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