Protection of your data is of great importance for us.  Therefore, we want to use the following information to help you understand, what personal data we collect, why we collect them, which data processing procedures we do and what are your rights and how can you enforce them.


Avtenta d.o.o., Stegne 19, 1000 Ljubljana (hereafter: operator) is well aware of importance of data protection, therefore we adjusted the field with European direction EU 2016/697 about protection of individuals with data processing and about free flow of this data, as well as with nullification of Direction 95/46ES (hereafter: GDPR).

Operator`s main goal is to offer you top service and with that make it possible for you to achieve your optimal contentment. Collecting and processing of personal data allows operator a faster and better adjustment to your needs and wishes, and for you it provides more effective communication and better user experience.

Operator guards and saves your personal data so there wouldn`t be unjustified revelation of data to unauthorised people.


Operator uses and manages personal data based on valid Slovenian and European legislation.

Operator, as manager of your personal data, respects your privacy and binds that all the gathered data will be protected and will not be passed on to third persons without your consent. The data will not be used for any other purposes than for actions the personal data was collected for.

Personal data that operator collected from you can be passed on to third persons, but there has to be a legal basis for this transfer (your written consensus or legal direction).

Your personal data is stored on safe servers of operator or safe servers of subcontractors or operator`s business partners (or in safe printed form), whereas access and use of data is based on policy and standards of operator.

Although we cannot guarantee a full protection from cyber-attacks when transferring data from web sites or online, the operator his subcontractors and business partners are trying their best to perform physical, electronic and procedural protection measures for protection of your personal data in accordance with valid requests of data protection.

Access to your data is limited to presons that need the data for relevant matters.


Storage time of personal data depends on basis and purpose of handling od different categories of personal data. Personal data is stored for as long as its prescribed, allowed and needed for achievement of purpose, for which the data was collected and further managed. After the achievement of purpose, the personal data is deleted, destroyed, blocked or anonymised, if there is no legal basis or if there is no need for enforcement, performance or defence of legal claims.


You have a right to:

  • demand that the operator guarantees all the details on the use of your personal data
  • access to your personal data and copies you passed on to the operator
  • receive personal data back from the operator in a structuralised, generally used and  machine-readable form. You have a right to pass on the data to other operator, when this is technically feasible, if data management is based on your consent or contract or is being implemented with automatic means
  • demand from the operator to update all incorrections in data that they store
  • demand from the operator to delete all the data, for the use of which they no longer have legal basis
  • whenever management in based on consent and in relation to any direct marketing, you can cancel your consent with validity forwards, so that operator stops with stated management
  • contradict to any way of data management, that is based on legitimate interests, for you special circumstances, unless the operators reasons for data management have priority over any kind of interference with your rights about data protection
  • demand form operator to limit the way they use your personal data, for example when examining the complaint
  • Regarding the realization of this rights there are some exceptions when it comes to protection of public interest (for example: prevention or detection of criminal offenses), interests of the operator (for example: provide safety of confidentiality) or rights and freedom of others. If you enforce any of these rights, the operator will check your justification and answer without unneeded delay, but no later than in a month. In complicated cases or in the case of large number of requests the dead line can be prolonged for another two months, of which the operator will inform you.

You have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority for guidance of personal data: Informacijski pooblaščenec, Zaloška 59, 1000 Ljubljana.


Operator of your personal data is Avtenta d.o.o., Stegne 19, 1000 Ljubljana.

Regarding security of your personal data, you can contact us on


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