SAP solutions

Gain an overview of your operations and improve the process of making decisions.


All you ever wanted from your business information system and much more.

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Step into a world of innovations with SAP HANA.

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SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud provides a modern and affordable business decision-making solution that is fast to deploy and easy to use to create the managerial reports of the future.

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There is no reason to do just half of our work. Open up the path to the digital world even for your subsidiaries.

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SLA support

The SAP system is the heart of your operations. The support of the latter is the core of ours.

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Consulting and projects

Your long-term business plans are more important than the goals of an individual project.

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SAP ERP for manufacturing

The latest advanced and intelligent SAP ERP solution for manufacturing companies, SAP S / 4HANA, built on a solid foundation of more than forty years of SAP enterprise use, combines vast industry knowledge combined into reconnection processes and best pra

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SAP Success Factors

Identify the development opportunities of your employees before others do that for you.

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ERP systems - Out with the old, to the cloud for the new
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Igor Kavčič Head of SAP Solutions Sales
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