Conducting sessions

In order to make productive sessions really productive.

Business sessions are the most effective tool for sharing ideas. If they are well organised, they can have indisputable benefits for the company.

Unfortunately, the situation in companies is different most of the time. Due to the many challenges in the business world, companies need to react quickly and that does not leave much time for sessions. Sometimes, due to the careless management of minutes, ideas from meetings can be forgotten. Because of that, their effect is often in conflict with the wishes and expectations of the participants.

Luckily, modern approaches allow the easier preparation of sessions because they offer the many advantages of information technology, such as directories and calendars in the cloud, video conferences and conference calls that all participants can access at all times.

Within the module, we are collecting and publishing templates for session agendas, performing calls for sessions, managing minutes, and following resolutions.

In order for your sessions to be as effective as possible, BusinessConnect offers you a module for managing sessions, which allows business meetings to be managed from one place and supports processes for you, such as:

  • the preparation of documents (by entering the suggestions for resolutions with the corresponding attachements), the approval of resolutions before submitting them to the session
  • the preparation and calling of sessions (forwarding invitations via e-mail)
  • the realisation of correspondence sessions and voting
  • the preparation of resolution suggestions or the management board
  • the preparation of minutes
  • tracking resolutions and their assignment, reporting on the implementation
  • the storage of documents 

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