By digitalising incoming mail, you ensure that the right content always finds the right addressee.

The Filing module offers comprehensive support for the incoming and outgoing mail and for working with all kinds of documents.

What does the Filing module offer me?

Lease of incoming/outgoing mail

You are offered a manual or massive import of documents, the lease of e-mail with connections to the mail server, the lease of fax documents, the direct acquisition of digitally signed documents, etc.

Classifying documents

Documents are classified into folders/cases based on their content. Folders/cases are placed in an appropriate classification category when opened and their term is determined. If the class has many different terms, this is done manually. If there is only one, this is done automatically.

Allotting documents

Entry mail can be sent to one or more persons and tracked, so that we know at what stage of the process the document is currently in.

Working with folders/cases

A case/folder is a group of linked documents. When it is created, data such as the name, classification category, storage term, carrier, parties (optional), business partner (optional) are recorded

Book of incoming mail is built automatically

Automatic registry into the book of incoming mail is supported for each recorded incoming mail. We can then browse through it undisturbed with the help of criteria such as: subject, receiving date (from-to), document type (e.g. memo), sender, custom search category.

Work with own documents

Documents can be created on the basis of a template or sample from the computer. Creating on the basis of a template has certain advantages because these contain fields that are determined in advance (e.g. header), in which the system automatically enters the chosen values of the recorded data. The document management system also allows cooperation, which means that multiple users can take part in creating a document, and all changes made by a certain user are instantly visible to everyone involved.

The “Ad Hoc” assignment of tasks on documents

You can give document tasks to users with the help of a simple request (e.g. I am preparing a purchase request, please send me additional offers / please prepare a report for me, etc.). Users are notified about the task via e-mail, which also contains a link to the document. They can add a comment on the performed activities or attach the prepared document.

Procedural approval and the digital signing of documents using qualified digital certificates

Parallel or consecutive approval of documents is allowed, users cannot change the content of the documents in this phase. If the person approving the documents rejects a document, it is returned to the preparation phase for supplementation. When a document is finally approved, it is sent to be signed (e.g. to the director).

An overview of the tasks and assigned documents is established

In the Current list, users can view the tasks and assigned documents that are waiting to be accepted or waiting for a reply (review, signing, approval, etc.).

Transfer of own document into outgoing mail and dispatch

In general, one person prepares a document, determines the addressee and marks the means of dispatch, then forwards the exit documentation to the administration office or main office, which ensures the mail is dispatched in physical or electronic form.

Management of sent parcels and mail in the sending process and support for printing and tracking wrappers

BusinessConnect allows the printing of various types of wrappers and supports work with barcodes, which simplifies filing. When a wrapper is submitted or when a delivery receipt is received, it can be easily identified with a barcode scanner.

The book of outgoing mail is generated automatically

All dispatched outgoing mail is automatically recorded in a book of outgoing mail. There it can be found easily using criteria such as the sending date (from-to), document type (e.g. memo), parcel type (e.g. sent via a courier), search string (free entry) and sender.

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