Liquidation of book-keeping documents

How you tackle the liquidation process is up to you.

The liquidation module supports work with all book-keeping documents and includes the recording of documents, adding financial and contextual data, support for the electronic approval process (liquidation), review of the state of the documents, and a two-way connection with the back-office system.

The liquidation process adjusts itself to the actual process of the client.

Usually, the process includes the following steps:

1.The received entry invoice is treated in the filing as incoming mail and its basic data is recorded. If this is an e-invoice, the data is entered automatically. Such an entry document is then forwarded to the next user in the process, who is notified about the matter via e-mail and the application.

2. What follows is synchronisation with the back-office system. The entry invoice is systematically created in the back-office system and all data is transferred.

1. When the liquidation process begins, the invoice is forwarded to the first person approving the documents. The approving of invoices can be done in parallel or consecutively, and the person approving the documents has the option to change or add registered data, comments, etc. If the invoice is approved, it is systematically forwarded to the next person approving the documents, otherwise it is returned to the user who started the liquidation process.

2. What follows is the conclusion and supervision of the liquidation. When all the signees sign the invoice, the updated data and status are sent to the back-office system. 

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