Consulting and projects

Your long-term business plans are more important than the goals of an individual project.

exstensive experience
professional knowledge
understanding market needs

We realise that the success of companies today depends on understanding and tackling the challenges of dynamic and fast-changing market demands. 

We are therefore implementing and optimising our SAP solutions with a team of 26 SAP advisers based on the specifics of your company and the area you work in.

With our rich experience and professional knowledge, we carry out the following for you:

  • comprehensive projects of implementing SAP ERP, SAP RMCA, SAP BW, SAP CRM, SAP ESS, and SAP SRM
  • upgrade of SAP solutions
  • migration of SAP systems to the new infrastructure
  • optimising and implementing new functionalities

 in order for you to grow and develop without disturbances in the digital world.

Contact us

Igor Kavčič Head of SAP Solutions Sales
T +386 1 5836 957 M +386 41 695 260


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