SAP Success Factors

Identify the development opportunities of your employees before others do that for you.

When team management and achieving the desired goals is on the line, the management must focus on an individual, know their wishes, understand them and do everything they can to make them feel good under your leadership. This is the only way you can influence their loyalty and extend their stay in the company.

SAP SuccessFactors is a modern HCM solution in the cloud, which upgrades standard HR procedures with advanced tools in staff development.

With SuccessFactors, you will efficiently:

  • connect the individual goals of employees with the business goals of the company,
  • unify the assessment processes of employees,
  • update the system of internal key performance indicators (KPI),
  • identify positive and negative deviations in the staff structure,
  • motivate your employees to improve their own competences,
  • be more efficient in finding and integrating new employees into your organisation,
  • easier transfer of knowledge among employees,
  • recognise potential of individuals and award them objectively,
  • make analysis and reports for your management more effectively,
  • increase performance and prosperity of your company, etc.


Why SAP SuccessFactors?

Targeted management and monitoring success

With SuccessFactors, you can coordinate the individual goals of your employees with the goals of the company and thus ensure excellent results as per the strategy of the company.


Overviews and 360-degree questionnaires provide a detailed insight into the success of your staff, as well as improve cooperation and the identification and keeping of the best staff.

Employment (recruiting)

With this solution, you will attract the leading staff and choose the right candidates, who will match your requirements and business goals, more efficiently and quickly.

Annual assessment and development interviews

Through interviews with your employees, you gain information on their success, which serves as the basis for their development and rewards. Part of such annual interviews is the placement of competences and the possibility of calibration.


Ensure that your new staff immediately feel good in your company, that they receive the right information, prepare for work and quickly follow the set development plans.


Effectively and objectively distribute assets meant for rewards in such a way that you reward and keep the most successful people. Optimise your costs, improve the compliance of your results and avoid mistakes in the manual distribution of rewards.


Classify your employees based on their success, make comparisons on the basis of matrices that offer you excellent data for comparisons and further decisions.

Education (e-learning)

With the advanced management of skills, you will improve the skills of your staff, develop leaders and employees, reduce risks and improve the enthusiasm of your employees.

Development and succession

Identify the staff for key workplaces, which are decisive for achieving your business goals and improve the transparency and results of your company together. Direct your employees, identify their potential and set their targeted direction within the company through the development plans.

Managing talents

Monitoring, comparing and assessing are the path to identifying talent within a company.

Investment into the future of your employees is your biggest guarantee for success

With SuccessFactors, you will make sure your managers believe the same.

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