Sašo Savič Telekom Slovenije d.d.

We have been cooperating with Avtenta’s SAP team for many years. They gained our trust with their professional approach to work, which is equivalent to the standards of the biggest global companies. Their professionalism and availability are an essential aspect of their business and their contractual costs are acceptable and defined in advance.

Avtenta’s strategy is different in that they do not merely sell, but are rather focused on the client. Their processes are based on good ITIL practices and the performed work is transparent and well documented. The documentation and the good overview of the performed work were of great help to us in preparing contracts on the level of services, which are clearly defined and comprehensible to all users, and Avtenta periodically proves them with reports defined in advance.

Since Telekom Slovenije is a large company that has to constantly follow changes on the market, it is key for us that we have a reliable SAP team as a partner that helps us constantly improve and implement additional developments. With their help, we also implemented a pioneer project in the regional area of SAP HANA and the solution for targeted management and monitoring of the SAP success, the SuccessFactors.


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