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ERP systems - Out with the old, to the cloud for the new

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Digital transformation poses new challenges to companies. Not only do they need to re-think, innovate or adjust their business models to the changed market conditions, but such changes can only be implemented with new technologies for supporting business processes, as well as for the sole development and digitalised offer of a new and digitally defined generation of products and services.­ It is important that companies do not just engage in the digitalisation of the current processes and models because they will not be able to take full advantage of the entire value and capabilities of the new technologies.

As stated by Igor Kavčič, sales manager of SAP solutions in Avtenta, the ERP systems will definitely remain in the game as the core of business information support, whether in the cloud or locally. They will combine the realisation of certain operations in the cloud or they will be connected with various business networks and platforms.

ERP is thus becoming a necessity for digital transformation. However, it is not the only requirement because it needs to be supplemented with other digital technologies, services and approaches. For companies who have not yet implemented an ERP quality system, the general digitalisation trend can serve as a strong motivation to do so. It can even be seen as an advantage because they can make the leap in processes and the business model without worrying about old habits and operations in the comfort zone.


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