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Modern document systems really make life easier

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Modern document management systems truly do simplify our lives, they reduce risks, save time and costs and eliminate our worries in terms of archiving and protecting business documents.

These are just some of the arguments in favour of buying and implementing a document management system. If we are attentive to some of the following aspects, we have nothing to be afraid of and can quickly and effectively achieve real results.

Check the success factors for the successful implementation of a document management system.

1. Identification of risk factors

We can manage our projects effectively if, as early as possible, we are able to identify the risk factors that may have a negative impact on the realisation of our project goals, the planned range, quality, costs and project duration.

A probability level assessment of the realisation of each individual risk factor and the definition of measures is a must.


2. Good preparation

We need a good project plan. For each phase of the project, the conditions for the initialisation of activities, products (results) and activities need to be defined, including the responsibilities for them, for both the client and the contractor. Here we need to take into consideration the entire project as well as any possible overrun of the implementation costs and time.

3. Managing changes

It is a fact that most changes (new functionality, mistakes, technical changes etc.) cause a certain disturbance in a project. They need to be analysed, their impact needs to be determined and all of this needs to be documented. The request is then accepted/refused on the basis of the analysis, for which we need decision makers.


4. People

Process carriers who are active in the preparation of solutions must have appropriate skills and the power to make decisions. Meetings with 15 participants are unproductive; participants need to be chosen carefully. Employees are often reluctant to innovate, so means of motivating them need to be determined: friendly user interfaces, good implementation, training, the preparation of appropriate user instructions, etc.



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